Select an Infrared Inspection

Detect-A-Leak can tailor a Infrared moisture inspection to suit your needs and concerns. Pricing will be based on the estimated time it will take to inspect the building based on its size and the type of inspection being conducted. Documented reports are included in our hourly rate, but if not required the inspection price can be reduced. When a suspected moisture anomaly is detected they are always checked with a moisture meter. Once confirmed they can be further investigated as to the cause if required.

Pre-purchase Infrared Moisture Inspection

Our most important and popular building inspection when purchasing as most purchasers need to know if the house they are considering to purchase has moisture problems or not and a general overview of the exterior condition to reduce the risk of buying a leaky building. The Inspector will conduct a thorough interior moisture inspection scaning and checking interior walls and ceilings looking for any sign of past or present moisture ingress including from kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas and also conduct a basic roof and cladding moisture/maintenance inspection, taking photos and commenting on moisture related issues. IR anomalies detected and other random areas will also be checked with our moisture meter. If the customer is happy with the moisture scan they can decide at the time if they wish to complete the cladding or roof inspection, at which time the inspector can have a more indepth closeup look at any areas of concern. An extension ladder is always taken to each job for roof access if required. On an average size home please allow about two hours for the inspection. If a number of moisture issues are found investigating and documenting this can add more time to the inspection.

Please note most other thermographers conducting moisture inspections do not comment on moisture related exterior roof, cladding and maintenance issues. Often Home Inspectors also do not comment on moisture related exterior issues, as you mainly only become aware of them when regularly conducting moisture inspections. I have found that often homes may not have any current interior moisture issues but can have major exterior issues. For instance they may have had poor quality repairs that are only good for a short period of time, problematic flashing connections or require a large amount of cladding maintenance work that is not being reported on during other types of inspections.

Pre-sale Infrared Moisture Inspections

If you require a standard Infrared Moisture Inspection report for your real estate agent (so that thay will accept your listing) or to ensure that you don't have any moisture issues prior to listing, we can do this for you. As the main concern is if there are any internal moisture issues or not, regardless of the exterior condition. We can conduct the inspection without the exterior. Our inspector will tailor the inspection to suit your needs.

Cladding Moisture/Maintenance Inspection

Our inspector will conduct a thorough cladding inspection, closely inspecting joints and flashing connections of the cladding looking for maintenance issues, cracks, mould, missing or defective flashings, mechanical damage, design problems, applicator issues, and potential future problems and of course any sign of moisture ingress. Where moisture issues inside have been found Thermal Images of the exterior at that location can be taken to be compared with the interior images for further confirmation of an issue. On an average size home please allow up to an extra hour on top of the moisture inspection. Problematic cladding such as plaster/stucco homes may require additional time due to the high amount or issues that are often detected.

Target Inspection

Target Scan inspections are a minimum charge of 1 hour including a small report. The inspector will inspect targeted areas as per your request. Additional time on site if required is charged at a reduced rate per hour.

Infrared Home Energy Checks/Insulation Inspections

Our inspector will provide a non-invasive scan of the building to identify any significant air and heat leaks. The scan will include checking for missing or incorrectly installed insulation. Professional recommendations will be made as to the most cost effective ways in which your homes energy efficiency can be improved. Priced on an hourly rate.

Post Repair Audits

Once repairs are completed we can come back and check the repaired areas to ensure there are no further issues. Sometimes as with water leaks it may be necessary to do a quick scan during the repair process in order to ensure areas are dry enough for work to continue.

Mechanical Inspections or Electrical Inspections

These inspections are as required, conducted on an hourly rate and may require a qualified Electrician or Mechanical Engineer to be present.

Other Types of Inspections

We are always keen to expand into new areas of thermography. Other inspections are as required, conducted on an hourly rate and may require if outside our expertise a person with the corresponding qualifications to also be present.

Preventative & Predictive Maintenance for Buildings

Our inspector will conduct a scan of the specified areas on the maintenance schedule looking for any sign of moisture ingress. It is a good idea to have maintenance inspections documented for future reference especially if you have a plaster home. Being able to show a documented history of previous Infrared inspections showing your house is not a leaky building may be essential to completing a sale.


All inspections (verbal or written) are our opinion of the thermal images and are valid for the time of inspection only, due to various conditions outside of our control which may affect the condition of the object after the time of inspection.

All thermal anomalies that are outside standard parameters are subject to further investigation by the client to confirm and repair any possible problems. Further investigation and/or repair should only be carried out by an appropriate licensed tradesman.

Detect-A-Leak Ltd cannot be expected to find every fault with a given building. An Infrared building inspection should not be confused with an appraisal, a structural inspection, building code inspection, or any guarantee of any kind, but a tool to aid the recipient, to be better prepared and knowledgeable and therefore have the ability to make an informed decision as to what, if any further action needs to be taken.


Infrared Services

Infrared Building Inspections

  • Flat Roof Membrane Checks
  • Cladding Inspections
  • Internal Moisture Detection
  • Heat Pumps/Air Conditioning Performance & Ducting Checks
  • Window Leaks
  • Pre-purchase Inspections & New Home Audits
  • Preventative & Predictive Maintenance
  • Post Repair Audits

Mechanical & Electrical Inspections

  • Hot Spot Checks
  • Overloaded Circuits
  • Faulty Terminal Connections
  • High & Low Voltage Contacts
  • Floor Heating Faults and Mapping
  • Damaged Insulation
  • Electric Motor Load Balancing
  • V Belt Tension
  • Cooling Systems
  • Hydraulic System Operation
  • Alignment of Pumps
  • Bearing Problems
  • Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

Thermal Imaging is Non-Destructive, Non-Invasive, Fast, Cost Effective and used to improve Energy Efficiency

  • Home Energy Rating Scheme (HERS)
  • Infrared Home Energy Checks
  • Air Leaks
  • Appliance Checks

Other applications for infrared

  • Veterinary Applications
  • Tank Level Detection
  • Medical Applications
  • Automotive Applications
  • Marine Applications
  • Aircraft Applications
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Steam Turbine & Hydroelectric Generators
  • Miscellaneous Applications

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