Detect-A-Leak Testimonials

Read what Detect-A-Leak customers are saying (copied from customer emails below)

We employed John from Detect-A-Leak to do an Infrared Building Inspection on a monolithic clad property that we were possibly looking to purchase. John recommended that one of us be present while he carried out the inspection so that we would get a better understanding of the procedure and so that we could make an informed decision as to whether we wanted a written report or not, which would save him time and us money. Before he commenced with the inspection, John carefully, patiently and comprehensively explained how the instruments worked and how he would be using them to collect and interpret the data. John was extremely thorough when he inspected the property. He went the extra mile and pointed out and explained the findings that were important and relevant. He was also very efficient in his work and didn't waste time on areas that were not presenting with problems, therefore completing the inspection within the time-frame that he had told us he would. John sent through his report only a couple of days later, as promised. The report was very comprehensive, easy to follow and understand; and the information presented was informative, detailed and illustrated with relevant photos and infrared images that he had taken throughout his inspection I found John to be professional, honest, courteous, friendly and reliable and I would recommend him to anyone needing an Infrared Inspection done on either their own or any prospective property they were contemplating purchasing.
Thank you John: Maria 5/5/16

That report is so comprehensive its unreal and thankyou,
Regards Graham 25/11/15

John was awesome...Great info...I will recommend for sure.
Talk Soon Wayne 3/9/15

Thank you for the report. I am impressed. Very comprehensive clear and factual. Money well spent from our point of view.
Regards Kevin Certified builder 6/8/15

Thank you so much John. That was super speedy! And we were very impressed on how thorough you were yesterday and also how in depth but easy to understand the report is. The general advice and explainations of what was going on were also very helpful.
Thank you again. Jess and Mark 6/8/15

Please thank John for us again, we were very happy with his service, in fact I wish we had got him in years ago! Will Definitely have him in mind next time we want to buy a house.
Regards Kathy 25/6/14

Thanks so much for the in depth report. We are happy to proceed with our purchase and are going to visit the house mid week to pick up on some of the points you have raised. May I say that from our first communication to the final invoice how impressed I have been with your service. Appointments where kept on on time. A full and concise report has been issued. Communication and follow up have been exemplary. Would not hesitate in recommending your services
Regards and Thanks again Andrew 13/06/14

This was a very comprehensive report, we were very happy with it.
Thanks Harry & Denise 10/06/14

We received our report thank you very much. We greatly appreciate the fast and professional service and were amazed at how detailed and thorough the report is. We feel confident in proceeding with our property purchase and highly recommend you to anyone wanting piece of mind when buying a house.
Kind regards Amanda and Ross 22/08/13

Thanks for the report, your inspections was very thorough and the advice you gave me invaluable. I will definitely look at things a difirent way next time I look at a new house.
Regards Pieter 22/02/13

I showed your report to my builder, who was very impressed by the quality of the report and comprehensive detail which has provided him with much food for thought about dealing with any potential issues. Your report will form the cornerstone for any repair work. He is waiting on me sorting out the plumbing repairs before he will walk around with me using your report as a base to suggest areas of improvement. Much appreciated and will re-book you for ongoing maintenance checks as suggested by you in our discussions.
Cheers Arthur 8/02/13

Thank you very much for your superb professional assistance for my court case at the hearing yesterday. Also, I really appreciate you driving my mother to my home. With regards to the tribunal result, the referee has concluded that the cause of the moisture, leak and the damages were due to the negligence in the respondent's workmanship. Therefore the referee will be making a decision as to how much the respondent is liable for the remedial work.
Best regards, Peter 27/09/12

Thanks a lot for your very comprehensive report. I really appreciate what you have done and I will most defiantly find jobs for you in the future.
Kind Regards Chris 24/09/12

Buongiorno John and thank you for your report. I am happy to let you know that my feed back is absolutely positive: you have done a good and extremely professional job. My only regret is not having dealt with your company before and during the house construction!
Grazie and thanks again. Giorgio 19/09/12

I would just like to confirm that i was very happy with the way the inspection at Whangamata went. I found that you explained issues in plain language that was easy to understand. Although the infared photos can be confusing to the untrained eye the written report was easy to understand. All in all money well spent .I would have no hesitation in recomending you to any one wanting an infrared building inspection.
Regards P. R. 17/09/12

Thank you very much for this report which is very comprehensive and sufficient. Thanks again and when we find another house we would like to purchase we will call you straight away for a pre-purchase inspection.
Regards R. & A. E. 12/09/12

The leak was fixed now. I appreciated your efforts. Without you the leak may not yet been repaired. Thank you very much.
Best regards, D.W. 19/06/12

My wife Perjine and I would like to say that we have been very impressed by the service provided from start to finish. We are absolutely delighted with the outcomes of your inspection to the house we aimed to buy. Your perfectly written report, effective verbal communication, and the clear 209 photos taken for the house helped us so much in getting the right decision. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends or family.
M.S. 29/3/2012

We went unconditional on the house yesterday having negotiated a reduction in the purchase price. Thank you so much for your unbelievably helpful, practical advice which allowed us to make a decision on things. For a non-builder it is very overwhelming to have to make sense of what is important and how bad a problem really is, and your assessment and willingness to talk through the issues with me was a god-send.
We appreciate it very much. Best regards, M.G. 21/12/11

Thanks so much for a great job, I have told a lot of other boaties just what you can do very well done.
Kind Regards M.R. 12/09/11

Thanks for the report, that's exactly what I wanted.
Thanks again B.G. 4/09/11

Very pleased with your report and Thermal imaging. It was very professional and thorough. Will definitely be recommending you to others.
Cheers K & H W. 19/08/11

I want to thank you very much for your very extensive and thorough work. In my wildest dreams I never expected such a massive report. I will recommend you whenever the situation presents. We value a job well done and you deserve a medal!!
Take care and regards M & J F. 11/08/11

You were on the money. The builder found the leak yesterday at the back of the upstairs toilet.
Cheers B. P-T 17/02/11

We were so impressed with your survey, next house we buy we will definitely want you to do your thing again – fantastic.
Cheers T.K. 21/04/2010

John inspected two apartments that my partner and I were looking to purchase. As we were first home buyers we were very nervous about any issues involving the construction of the building. John was exceptionally thorough in his inspection, and highlighted to us all potential issues. I will get John to inspect any other home I look to purchase in the future and would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home.
Thanks again for your help. Regards, A.D. 31/03/2010

I just want to thank you for the Detect A Leak report on the property that my daughter was looking at buying. Outwardly it looked good just recently painted inside it looked good. However your inspection identified many places where water was seeping in from outside and from the flat above. I am grateful for your report because it made us aware that we needed to spend substantial time and money fixing problems with rotted window frames and issues caused by the dampness. This gave us the option to get a firm quote for repairs or find another more habitable property. My daughter has learned a valuable lesson to find out and trust the facts born out by your report. The expenditure on your report saved us many thousands of dollars that we would have only discovered over time had she bought the property. Worst of all we may not have found a solution to the problems and we would have bought a property that we could not easily sell. She will use you again.
B.B. 30/3/2010

I found John to be professional, thorough and courteous. He undertook a detailed and time consuming inspection of my rough-cast house, followed by an excellent written and photographic report. I was relieved there were no major issues. Excellent value for peace of mind.

Thanks very much for coming promptly to view my house and returning the information to me promptly as well. Your detect a leak information has been most helpful to me in regard to arranging repairs.
C M 4/03/2010

Thanks so much John. We really appreciated your expert opinion and thoughts as well. You're right I think — do provide cover and I will see how things get on there.
Cheers J S 8/10/2009