About the Boss (John) and Our Equipment

In 1982 I purchased my first home and have been involved in the building industry since then. From refurbishing houses I have owned to the design and construction management of new homes.

I have been self employed in the building industry since 1994, initially managing my own building projects while running my own house painting company with staff.

In 1997 I progressed from painting to waterproofing, forming a new waterproofing company with a business partner with many years experience in the industry and ran that business with him for almost ten years. 

In 1999 I raised concern with Auckland City Council about membrane roof and deck substrates not being built as per the building code or suitable for membrane application and the quality or lack of proper waterproofing membranes being applied to bathroom areas. As a result of this meeting the council promptly introduced inspections of membrane roofs and decks prior to membranes being applied and inspections of bathroom waterproofing. 

I have always had a keen interest in energy efficiency, I own and use energy efficient products in my own home and have had energy assessor training.

In 2007 I started Detect-A-Leak Ltd which I have run since then.

Qualifications / Abilities

Certified FLIR thermographer, ISO 9001 certified course and have had one on one training by a level two thermographer. 

Passed ABSA Assessor training course which is a pre-requisite certification requirement to becoming a professionally recognised energy assessor.

Certified Meth Tester.

2019 I completed and passed the Asbestos Awareness 101 course.

I have completed and passed a number of waterproofing applicator training courses for a number of different membrane types.

Have attended a number of seminars over the years relative to my business and participate in building related online FLIR training updates.

Who To Call

If you want someone who has been hands-on and knows what to look for, who now also has the advantages that Thermography offers give us a call. You can call John directly on 0274-338-328 if the phone goes unanswered I may be on a job and unable to answer so please leave a message, text, or call back.


About Our Equipment


FLIR Systems T420 Series Camera

Jam-packed with features the bright 3.5-inch display makes it easy to see temperature differences and radiation emitted from objects-conditions that signal energy waste, building envelope troubles, even electrical system and component failures!

The result is a range of cameras which are equipped with these exceptional features:


  • Outstanding ease-of-use
  • Excellent ergonomics through small size and light weight
  • Tiltable lens unit
  • Touch-screen
  • Excellent infrared image quality 76,800 pixels
  • Integrated 3.1MP digital camera
  • Visualization software and tools
  • Upgradeable
  • 320 x 240 IR resolution NETD 45mk
  • 2x digital zoom
  • Picture in picture (scalable)
  • Object temperature range -20°C to +120°C / - 0°C to 650°C
  • MSX Enhancement adds visible spectrum definition to IR images

Detect-A-Leak uses and recommends the Trotec T650 & T660 Moisture Meters


T650_logoThe T650 & T660 Moisture Meters are a professional hand-held instrument for fast, non-destructive determination of moisture content in areas and can read up to a depth of 40mm from the surface. Damp and dry wall and floor areas can be detected by permanent real time display of the measured values.

For an immediate evaluation of the measured data, minimum, maximum and average functions are available. In addition the current measured value can be retained by means of the hold function. Since the instrument's screen can display two values, for purposes of results evaluation a function value can be displayed at the same time as the current measured value if required.

The T650 & T650 has an alarm function. An individual limit value is entered into the unit before any measurements are taken. In this way large wall or floor areas can be measured quickly and effectively. As soon as the pre-defined alarm limit value is exceeded, the alarm sounds.


Material moisture measurement: up to 40mm
Measurement principle: Dielectric scanning method
Measurement range: 0 to 200 digits
Resolution: 0.1 digit
Accuracy: 0.1 digit
Alarm signal: Acoustic

This instrument is ideally suited to approximately locating moisture in buildings, apartments and houses.