Detect-A-Leak provides Infrared Building Inspections, pre-purchase moisture, cladding and mould inspections, and other Infrared Thermal Imaging Services for your home or business in Tauranga, Whangamata, Whakatane, Hamilton, Rotorua, Taupo, and surrounding areas of NZ.

Our Certified Thermographer covers the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, and Coromandel areas. 

Detect-A-Leak provides confidential pre-purchase/pre-sale infrared thermal imaging building inspections and reports using an infrared camera to detect and document anomalies that are often only visible in infrared. Coupled with our 25 plus years of experience in the building industry we are now able to quickly find and solve many leaky building moisture-related issues and conduct superior pre-purchase and leak investigation inspections. Not only do we find leaks often missed by other inspection companies but we also do our best to discover the cause of the leak and give advice on what needs repair or maintenance. As well as pre-purchase moisture inspections, Detect-A-Leak also conducts mould inspections, cladding inspections, and many other types of inspections such as electrical fault/switchboard surveys, insulation energy efficiency checks in homes and commercial buildings. The Thermal Imaging camera is also a great tool for finding missing or incorrectly fitted insulation and we are continually finding more and more uses for the technology. We are approved by most Banks for weathertightness inspections and often recommended by Councils, Lawyers, and our many satisfied customers. Along with our Infrared cameras, we also use the latest leak detection equipment such as non-invasive moisture meters, and other non-destructive, non-invasive equipment to confirm our findings without causing any damage.

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Pre-purchase Building Inspection

There are a number of Pre-purchase type building or home inspections that you should consider when purchasing a home. The main three are; Maintenance Building Inspection, Infrared Moisture Inspection, Valuation Inspection. All these inspections are often generally referred to as a Building Inspection. Other types of inspections can be required too, particularly if there are any concerns due to the age of the building or from the results of the building inspection report. These can often require further inspection from a.... Read more about Pre-purchase Building Inspections

Don't get a Home or Building Pre-purchase Inspection until you have read this!

Often when I get booked to do a thermal imaging pre-purchase inspection I find that there has been a number of other (valuation or structural type) inspections already completed. I don't recommend they be done first as experience has shown me that when moisture issues are discovered often due to the difficulty and costs associated with the repairs the sale is not completed. It still amazes me... Read more about having a Pre-Purchase Inspection.

How does an Infrared Inspection compare to other types of Building Inspections?

Whether it's your home or your business from your buildings foundation to its roof infrared provides you by far the most thorough non-invasive building inspection and best dollar value for a visual inspection of your property. A Thermographer can look at large areas quickly compared to other types of investigation methods. By analysing Thermal Images of your buildings water, air and heat leaks... Read more about Infrared Inspections

How to use a Moisture Meter for Moisture Inspections in NZ?

I have been using non-invasive moisture meters for moisture inspections for a number of years now and have found that there are a number of traps for beginners. It is important to know the moisture readings you are getting are accurate and not false readings caused by the material being tested or the inspectors inexperience. The main problem is... Read more about using a Moisture Meter